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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mommy Group: Stroller Mafia, Stroller Brigade, Stroller Derby

I started a Mommy Group a couple of months ago and it's been going great so far, it's a niche group and I pretty much just started with the group of mommies in my circle and asked them to invite their friends. I thought it will be fun for the kids to grow up together since there are so many kids I know within the same age group as mine. So far we've had play dates and next looking forward to one of the children's Museums in the city next week. The hardest thing is getting the other Mommies to come up with ideas of things to do and to host outings/events, my hubby suggests that I should just keep plugging on and soon enough more contributors will come.

Here is a brief description of the group:

If you are an African Mom in Chicago and would love you and your kids to interact with other African Moms this group is for you! This group is for expecting Moms, new Moms or Moms with young kids and ties to anywhere from Algeria to Zambia and all the other beautiful African countries in between.

I decided to start this group out of a desire to teach my children their native language and specific culture of my African upbringing in order to enrich their lives here in America. Moms are encouraged to speak their language to their babies during our Meetups.

Please Join us as we teach our kids the culture, language, form friendships and build a network of resources and support that will positively impact you, your child and family.

The only requirements are willingness to meet new people, do fun activities in Chicago and be an active participant of the group. The strength and continuity of our group is dependent upon the participation of our members.

Please feel free to invite fellow African Moms to the group. Members are encouraged to suggest and host events. Majority of events are held in the city. Members are asked to honor their RSVPs and try to avoid last minute cancellations.

Our meetup activities include play dates with our kids, potluck parties, picnics, day at the zoo, day at the beach, museum, or park. Book club, festivals, apple picking, pumpkin patch, family night out, couples night out and much more.

We look forward to meeting you and you little one(s)!

If you're experienced with Mommy groups as a member or creator please share your ideas of how to keep it going strong. Thanks!

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