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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Young Olive Trees

The olive tree was described as the "king of trees" and was considered to be the symbol of beauty, virility, prosperity and divine blessing. Wow, imagine that!

Psalm 128:3 says "...your children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they sit around your table."

I had to look up the picture of an olive tree to get some kind of visual, what does this tree really look like? The pictures I found below are beyond amazing, look at the trunk of that tree, so strong and I am sure it has very deep roots. In most of pictures, it looks like the olive tree does not grow very tall, but it sure does spread out wide, I like that! It's branches stretch out to reach beyond itself. And it's fruit, the olive, it's very good for the body, inside and out. I actually use olive oil to deep-condition my hair. Of course it's wonderful to cook with, and I know there are lots of other nutritional benefits.

The olive oil derived from the fruit is used in anointing and the leaves of the trees were used in ancient times to crown the victors of friendly games and wars, because of how it was held as a symbol of abundance, glory and peace. Old olive trees are very hardly, drought-, disease-, and fire resistant, so yes, they do stand the test of time.

Therefore, my children, my young olive trees are from God and they shall be a symbol of beauty, virility, prosperity and divine blessing! They will have a wonderful life as they grow up because they will be deeply rooted strong trees that spread out wide and bear fruit that will feed and bless others, and into their old age, they will remain sturdy and resistant against outside elements that are not of God.

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