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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meal Planning Monday (err Thursday..)

So I have been seriously slacking on putting out my meal planning on the blog, but trust me I have been following through, I have it noted down in my handy dandy note book that I take everywhere with me, so far this is what my week has looked like-

Potatoes and Sautéed Kale with red peppers and Turkey
Pesto Pasta and Salad
Corn and Spinach Salad and Salmon
Brown Rice tomato stew and sautéed carrots and butter beans
Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken and sweet potatoes or brown rice
Mediterranean Quesadillas
Leftovers of anything!

My philosophy in meal planning is really easy, eat a healthy variety, avoid too much rice, save money on grocery shopping, and no red meat!

Some tools that have helped me so far is finding recipes on sites like wholefoods.com, some favorite food friendly blogs like budgetbytes.blogspot.com which I routinely add to my pinterest, (you can follow me here) I also find awesome recipes on pinterest.

When I don’t have any specific recipe I just throw anything together, an example is Monday’s recipe (Potatoes and Sautéed Kale with red peppers and Turkey), this recipe is a hit with my husband especially, I always have potatoes on hand (red or white), so I either bake or boil them with a pinch of black pepper and salt. 

Kale is always handy in my fridge too, I chop up three bunches and sauté with onions and red peppers and I usually buy a huge batch of turkey legs from my butcher (I go to the butcher once a month), I prep them by cooking it and storing in several Ziploc bags so that they are available to use whenever I need some sort of meat. I diced the already cooked Turkey into the sauté and it came out delish! If I didn’t have Turkey I would substitute with shrimp, equally yum!

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