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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Running Fever

True Confession here: I miss running, I miss it badly! I need to find time to run somehow somewhere. My schedule seems so tight that I don’t know where to fit it in or even where to begin. I miss it in two ways, one is the fact that I want to maintain being physically fit and my routine usually includes running, and second I miss the high I get from running, the feeling of conquering the next mile or even the next few minutes or even the next stop light when I run out on the street. I also set a running challenge for myself which I am suppose to begin this year.

Since I am up at 5.30am feeding the baby(ies) and getting ready for work, the morning time does not seem to work and then after work I have about 2 hours before the babies go to bed which is just enough for me to do some bonding, bath time and feeding. Next is dinner if I’m cooking that night and then getting some rest for myself. 

Sooooo, I don’t know, what do you think? Are these excuses? Could I carve out sometime somewhere or am I really beating up myself too much? Ugh, I am still looking for the solution but right now I guess I can dream of when I settle into some sort of routine someday. 

I miss you, running! Rant over…


  1. nothing like quality time with your babies and fam - but when will things change? when they go to school? err i think you have to work with the little time you have now - you can start your day at 5 and squeeze in a 30mins run or you could run during your lunchtime - and take change of clothes to work - inconvenient yes, but could be 2ice a week - oh there's no excuse not to run the w'end - you have 2days :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm truly trying my best, its amazing how exhausted I am on most days, I breastfeed at 5am for an hour and put the baby back to sleep and then I'm in the bathroom at 6.30am and out the door at 7.15am, I can't do lunchbreak because my lunch is 30 mins and then I also pump during that time. Afterwork is out of the picture because I'm feeding the babies, running their baths, putting them to bed, and making dinner. Hope this does not seem like excuses but I do cherish this time and I guess all this work could count as exercise, lol! I hope for a more flexible schedule in the near future and I'll focus on getting toned later.