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Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Testimony

Here is our testimony that I wrote before our babies were born, it still holds true - Wonderful, isn't it?

We have been looking forward to this day, to dedicate our children to God. These children are very precious to us, given to us by God. It’s always been our desire to have children and we thought we were ready 3 years ago but God knew the right time this would happen, because he was preparing us for not one but two children. We knew it is a part of our blessing to have children but the waiting period for when this would happen was the hardest part. But now we really thank God for that period because He knew exactly what we needed, we’ve grown spiritually, in our marriage, in ourselves, in our purpose, and building a really solid foundation.  

During the past few years, we got lots of bad reports, our doctor’s diagnosis was infertility (when they say you can’t have children for one reason or the other) but I could almost laugh in his face because we knew better than that, we did what we knew to do, we prayed, got our confessions out, and trusted in God through every step, and we know a lot of you prayed with us. I want to thank everyone that supported us in one way or the other, through your prayers, encouragement, your love in every way. The pregnancy process itself is another great testimony because I was determined to enjoy every bit of it, even the not so exciting parts. Our children were birthed supernaturally to the glory of God. 

As an encouragement to anyone seeking God for anything be it children, a business, a partner, or whatever you are laboring through, I would say trust that God NEVER NEVER NEVER fails, there is always a way, have your confessions before your eyes, envision yourself (I envisioned myself as a mother all the time), share your challenges with the right people for support, to lift you up, and sow your seed (I’ve done my share of babyshowers, babysitting, cooking for pregnant women). God will give you that grace during the waiting period and in a matter of time, you will experience the harvest. Amen!

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  1. this is beautiful! truly inspirational - God truly never fails.