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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Congrats Bambino/Bambina Rancic!

I don't typically follow the details of celebrity lives, even if they post it out there for all to see like the "K....shian" family, but this couple is one that I have definitely followed from Day 1, they seem like very sincere individuals as portrayed on their show, Giuliana and Bill. Whether or not its all an act, I do believe that their love is real and I was more intrigued when they were going through a trying time in starting to conceive.

I totally related with a lot of the emotions, I cried when she did, I got goose pimples watching some episodes, but I was truly inspired and took Bill's encouraging words to heart, he is such a great husband! So when I heard the news last week that they are expecting a baby this summer, I was so elated! I am truly happy for this couple and I pray for great success for the rest of the pregnancy and this new stage of their lives as parents. GREAT things come to those who wait. Awesome!

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