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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cheap Date

Last year my husband and I went through the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program, check it out a www.fpu.com I highly recommend this to everyone, no matter your financial situation, we've always had different approaches and understanding of how to approach our finances and this gave us some common ground and lots of information that we were not aware of. 

So the focus this year has been to be practical and work hard on saving, investing, and paying off debt. Ultimately, we want to make sure we leave an inheritance for our children's children and stop the cycle of bad habits. In looking into alternative ways of cutting costs, we took the scissors to our date budget, we used to have dates once a week (before kids) and it could be anything from dinner and a movie to concerts etc etc. Now with our 4 month old babies we don't have that much time for a date, and we have not had one in months. It's honestly very hard for me to leave my babies for too long in anyone's care, ugh! 

However, a couple of days ago, we decided to create time to have a date. Now, this had to be a cheap date, I consider a date to be spending valuable time together doing something you enjoy and just enjoying each others company. We were home alone with the babies, I gave them a bath and put them to bed, like I said, our date budget is very cheap, when I say cheap, I mean $10 cheap! It was going to be a pizza and a movie night kinda date. At first, I wanted to order food with my $100 restaurant.com coupon, but you can't place a delivery order with that coupon, you have to dine-in. Oh well :-( Since we needed the food quick and cheap, we decided frozen pizza would be best, we looked up recommendations for the best frozen pizza, and for the movie we went with Blockbuster express kiosk, both of which will be picked up at the grocery store 1 block away. Being the "get the good deal" girl that I am, I looked up to see if there were any deals on the movie and lo and behold I found out you can get up to $3 off a movie, amazing! So our movie was free, check it out here http://www.coupondad.net/blog/blockbuster-express-free-rental-codes/ . We topped it up with frozen greek yoghurt (now I truly feel spoiled!) for dessert, yum!

So there you go a cheap date, no dress up needed, no babysitter, not a lot of money spent. I know its just temporary and what matters to me is to continue to connect and build up my marriage, so the pricey dates can come later. Do you have any cheap date ideas?

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