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Friday, May 25, 2012

Seriously Need to Give Meal Planning a Try

Pardon my absence, this past week has been quite busy with going back to work, I had to adjust to missing my babies and getting my brain back to work mode. Alas, I have survived one week and this long holiday weekend could not have come at a better time.

Something I have been meaning to try but failed and failed again is meal/menu planning, its a wonderful idea for many reasons:

  • Shop for groceries within you meal plan in mind which would save dollars!
  • Not having to think too much of what to cook for your family - less stress
  • See if you have variety or lack there of in your meals 
  • See if you are eating healthy week to week
  • Eat out less, again saves BIG dollars!
  • Less trips to the grocery store
  • Plan for busy days - leftovers anyone?
  • Waste less groceries since you will use exactly what you have

So the main reason for my many failed attempts is that somehow I deviate for the plan, which totally defeats the purpose, or I write recipes (from the tons I have saved on Pinterest) and when it comes to executing them it's and ultimate failure, or my hubby requests to eat something different even though I have shared the meal plan with him.

To make this different, I am going to work with what I have in my fridge since I did my bi-monthly grocery shopping already :-(, stick the meal plan on the refrigerator with a magnet so that its constantly visible for all to see, and I will prep food a few days before it is needed e.g chop onions, marinate meats etc

The next big thing for me after this is to buy a slow-cooker, I've heard great things about using this for one pot meals, I can throw my ingredients in it the night before and have it ready the next day, how cool! Any recommendations?

Will share my meals and give you an update in the next post!

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